Hello! This is Kuny. I recommend wonderful Potato Snack from Calbee Potato Farm!

Calbee Imo & Mame (いもまめ)is one of the best representative souvenirs of Hokkaido.

Calbee IMO & MAME (Imo and Mame) 14g × 6 pcs--03

Crunchy and filling Potato chips made out of Hokkaido potato seasoned with rich soy sauce. Moreover, freeze-dry edamame (えだまめ:枝豆)snacks are added!

Calbee IMO & MAME (Imo and Mame) 14g × 6 pcs--02

Especially, the edamame were amazing taste. First, I thought it was just crispy, but it was more like chewy. Beans still kept its core, even after being processed. After biting it well, recognized the edamame snack was better than original edamame!

You can enjoy rich taste of bean itself. Both Potato chips and Edamame snack are made the most of the sophisticated taste of ingredients.



Why is Potato of Hokkaido the BEST in Japan??


The production quantity of potato made in Hokkaido is the top in Japan.

Hokkaido produces 80% of potato for domestic market, the quantity hits 223 ton!


There are three reasons why Hokkaido Potato is loved.


Firstly, there is marked temperature swing between daytime and nighttime. Secondly, there is no the rainy season, so potato can lay aside much sugariness and starch. Lastly, harmful insects are few due to a cold district, so agricultural chemicals are used also very few. Thus, Hokkaido is suited for making delicious potato!

Do you know Edamame and soy-bean are same?!


Even many Japanese people misunderstand that Edamame and Soy-bean are different crops, because those color, size, and taste are differ from each other. Actually, Edamame is unripe soy-bean, and soy-bean is matured edamame. The differences between Edamame and Soy-bean result from only growing process when you pick them up.



Usually, Edamame is eaten for a tidbit of alcohol such beer or sake in Japan.

Nowadays, grabbing edamame has been kind of trend in overseas among North America and Europe, since it’s healthy food.

As I wrote about soy-bean previously (what do Japanese have for breakfast traditionally?), we can hardly discuss Japanese Food without soy bean into account.


Hokkaido produces about 20% of soy-bean and Edamame for domestic Japan market!

It is not too much to say that Hokkaido is primary Japanese food’s production base, because the food self-sufficiency ratio of there is 200%.
And also both Potato and Edamame are the principal products of Hokkaido.


The item I would like to recommend is Calbee Imo & mame.

Imo (いも:芋)means potato in Japanese.

Mame (まめ:豆)means beans in Japanese.


Calbee Imo & Mame can literally represent Hokkaido flavor.


If you interested in Hokkaido Snacks, I would like to recommend an awesome subscription service!


Hope more and more people enjoy this special Hokkaido potato taste!


Author: Kuny

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