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This is KOJI.
Last time I wrote about the Professional Soccer Team "HOKKAIDO CONSADOLE SAPPORO".

"Are there any Pro Soccer Team in Hokkaido?"

In that article I introduced Brazilian soccer player HULK as a famous player played for Consadole.
This time I'm going to present 3 more famous players from ASIAN Countries.

【1】Lê Công Vinh     (Vietnam)
【2】Irfan Haarys Bachdim     (Indonesia)
【3】Gu Sung-yun     (South Korea)
Since the executives of Consadole wants more people from Asian countries to come and see the games, they acquire some good players from Asia nowadays.

However Consadole is not so famous yet, not many tourists come to the games so far unfortunately.
Less information about Consadole in English or other languages might be one of the reasons of this fact.


【1】Lê Công Vinh     (Vietnam)

cong-vinh-1Lê Công Vinh is a hero of Vietnam soccer.
When he signed a contract with Consadole, he became a first Vietnamese soccer player playing in Japan League.(J-League)
Since 2013 to 2014, he played for Consadole Sapporo and made some assists, got 4 goals in 11 games.
In that season, many Vietnamese fans went to watch the games at the Stadium.
Now he is in Vietnam and plays in Vietnamese League.


【2】Irfan Haarys Bachdim     (Indonesia)

589c0befe55a12fa1d56d9cd56c5d857Irfan Haarys Bachdim is one of the most famous soccer players of Indonesia.
His father is Indonesian, and mother is Dutchwoman.
Since 2015 season he plays for Consadole Sapporo.
Irfan is tremendously popular especially in Indonesia.
For example, the number of his Twitter's followers are more than 4,540,000 people!!
As of now, he doesn't play the game so much.
But I'm sure that his speed and technique will make Consadole easy to win the games!


【3】Gu Sung-yun     (South Korea)

songyunGu Sung-yun is a young and talented goalkeeper from South Korea.
Even he is just 21 years old, he is a member of South Korea national team already.
Gu Sung-yun has been playing for Consadole since 2015 season.
And he's been in Japan since when he was 18 years old, he can speak Japanese without any prpblem.
But just 3 years for complete Japanese speaker.....how smart he is!!
A lot of players from South Korea are playing in J-League recently.
But he is one of the best players of the league.

In this article I presented 3 Asian soccer players of HOKKAIDO Consadole SAPPORO.

Consadole is not so strong team, but I hope Consadole wins the league title with Asian power someday in near future.
Keep an eye on them and when you come to Sapporo why don't you go to the stadium to cheer them up?
If you have any question about Consadole, please ask me anytime!

Thank you for reading!


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