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Today I would like to tell you about local(Hokkaido) convenience store which name is



There are more than 1,100 stores in Hokkaido.

Once you visit Hokkaido absolutely you can see Seicomart.


Hokkaido people love Seicomart a lot!

Even though there are many different convenience store companies in Hokkaido why everyone love Seicomart??

Huhuh I ll tell you specialities of Seicomart.


1st: Reasonable price & Very delicious foods.

They have their own products which are made by Seicomart.

That’s why they can sell reasonable price.


Most small packed Side dises are only 1USD!

So cheap!


 Meat pasta with Hokkaido tomato source.


 Neapolitan meatballs.

This is my favorite!!




Ice cream

Source of photo :



Did you know Hokkaido is Dairy kingdom?

Hokkaido dairy products like milk, cheese and Yogurt are the best quality in Japan.

Of course Ice cream also delicious!

That’s also you can buy only 1USD!

So creamy .




I strongly recommend you to try this Japanese noodle.

The name is “Yakisoba Bento”

It is also sold only in Hokkaido .

There are some similar products with “Yakisoba Bento” in Japan.

But I can say with confidence this is the best taste ever!

You should enjoy with Soy source flavor noodle with hot soup here in Hokkaido!


Im sure you can buy some Hokkaido limited products in Seicomart!

Those things will be good  souvenires for your family and friends.

Ordinary grocery store close around 21:00 .

However you can buy some even verylate night time.




2nd:Good for travelers.

Hokkaido is the biggest island in Japan.( 83,453.57 km2 )

Almost as big as Austria and South Korea .

There are many great place in Hokkaido.


Source of photo :


When you rent a car and drive Hokkaido.

Sometimes you see only Straight horizon.


Source of photo :

When you are hungry or want to go to toilet, You can find Seicomart anywhere in Hokkaido.


3rd: Seicomart have own kitchen.


They have their own kitchen.

The name is HOT CHEF.


What a cute cow !


Big Japanese rice ball.

There are several flavors.



Lunch boxes, french fries, fried chickens, croquettes and curry.

OMG Im getting hungry .

Worm and fresh foods.

Only Seicomart serve just cooked foods inside of store.

You also want to try right??

So unique convenience store.


4th : A variety of wines.

Seicomart imports variety wines from France,  Germany,  Italy, Chili and Bulgaria.

They don’t buy through agencies .Therefore they can sell great quality wines with cheap price.


Almost 5USD~10USD.


Source of photo :

Only 5USD but taste is awesome.




Probablyfor you it is first time to know about Seicomart isn’t it?

What do you think this unique Hokkaido convenience store?

I hope you also like seicomart! 

Please visit here when you come to Hokkaido!

I think they have good hospitality .

While you travel in Hokkaido when you have any questions they may help you.



Seicomart  official web page is below.


If you have any questions ,pls leave comment here.

Thankyou for reading!

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