If you are so into soccer, you may be interested in getting some unique soccer items such as T-shirt, Jacket etc. When you are on the soccer floor in your city, you would see tons of items by ADIDAS/NIKE/PUMA. It's because those brands are sold in everywhere! What do you feel when you find someone who wears same T-shirt with you? Don't you wanna be the only one??

In Hokkaido, there are some soccer shops selling Japan/Hokkaido Limited products. I'm going to let you know the one that is located in center of Sapporo(Just near Susukino). It's called "Soccer Shop Players".

Sapporo's long - established soccer store

Soccer Shop Players is a long - established soccer shop in Sapporo. They have supported soccer lovers in Sapporo more than 15 years. You can buy many soccer goods such as T-Shirts, jacket, soccer shoes, futsal shoes, replica uniform of HOKKAIDO Consadore etc. Since this store has a great selection of items, you can find your favorite one hopefully.

A bunch of soccer boots.

Since this is long - established shop, some professional players visit here. You will realize this when you visit this shop and see the autographs on the wall.

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Japan Original Brands are available

As I mentioned before, there are some brands that you can get only in Japan. For example "soccer junky" , "SVOLME", "Penetrar"etc. These brands are getting famous in other countries especially in Asia. So there are some customers from Asian countries who buy those items from Soccer Shop Players.

Unfortunately the shop staff can not speak English at all. If you wish to find some in this store, I recommend you to prepare google translation or note these keywords below.

English Japanese
Do you have ~~~?? ~~~ wa arimasu ka??
How much is this?? Kore wa ikura desuka??
Do you have bigger size?? Motto "Big size" wa arimasu ka??
Do you have smaller size?? Motto "small size" wa arimasu ka??


Or if you want me to help you, please contact me anytime! I will guide you with reasonable price!
And also I can ship your requested Japanese soccer items to your country in case you cannot find your items while you are in Japan.

Overall, if you are a soccer fun and wish to find Japan original soccer items, please visit Soccer Shop Players Sapporo! Find your unique items here!!

Store Info

Store name Soccer Shop PLAYERS
Open hours Week days : 11:00 - 20:00
Week ends : 10:00 - 19:00
Day off Tuesdays
Address 〒060-0063
1-South 3 Jo, Nishi 4 chome,
Chuo-ku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan
(Near Susukino/Odori)