Sapporo city has sightseeing maps written by;

English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Thai land language.


Those sightseeing maps you can get at transportation or travel agency have had wide choices of language version compare to before.
Those multiple languages' maps are English and Chinese…, in addition to this, Thai land's one!

When I saw this map for Thai people, I felt so happy because I've never seen this kind of language guide, as far as I know!

One of reason why Sapporo has Thai language map is that direct flight between Bangkok and Shin-Chitose has been connected since 2012.
Thank to that, the number of visitors from Thai land hit 1.15 million in 2013.
Besides, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Shin-Chitose has also connected by direct flight since 2015. I’ve excited that ASEAN countries are getting much closer.






Contents of Sapporo Tourist Map

  • Central Sapporo Map
  • Transportation Guide (Domestic Direct Flight, Train, Bus, and Subway)
  • Tourist information par aria
  • Tourist Information Centers
  • Rent-a-car Agencies
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Consult General
  • Emergency
  • Information on Discount Tickets
  • Sightseeing Bus
  • Ads of Cuisine

Even though our city's multiple language guides are still not good enough, I hope this city become visitor-friendly place which has many kind of signboard and information written by more variety of languages soon.

 Up to that time, what I want to do will continue to help visitors from overseas who have difficulty with getting information or getting lost, as long as I have a time! I’m going to send local info from here. If you have any question about visiting Hokkaido, pls feel free to ask Hokkaido info Lounge. Thank you!