"More than Football"

Football (Soccer) connects people beyond nationality and language.

Hokkaido Info Lounge holds "SAPPORO FUTSAL" ongoing basis since June 2017.

Our aim is to connect various people through kicking a ball together.

In this Futsal event, you can enjoy Non-Competitive soccer with various nationalities people and Sapporo locals.

We play it 2 -3 times a month!

What is Futsal??

Futsal is 5 on 5 indoor soccer.

It's also called

"Salon Futbol"

"Futbol Sala"

"Fútbol de Salón"

"Indoor Soccer"

In Japan we call it "Futsal" and it's getting popular.

Since this is 5 on 5 indoor sport, you don't have to worry about the weather.

And you can enjoy it with just 10 people at least!

How is the level??

In this event, beginners, males/females, kids, athletes, locals, tourists, we all play together!

So the level doesn't matter.

Some come down because they love to play.

Some come down for the comradery.

Some come down for the exercise.


What are the nationalities??

Any nationalities are welcome to this Sapporo Futsal.

Japanese, Americans, Canadians, British, Indonesians, Swiss, Cubans, Honduras people, Koreans, Brazilians, Iranians,French we all play together even some people can not speak English.

It doesn't matter.

Futsal is the common language in here!

I am a tourist. Can I join??

Of course!!

It would be fantastic if you can play it with Sapporo locals.

You can not experience it in any other places.

All you have to do is just please contact me from the form below.

Every time we play it with 20 - 30 people.

I hope you enjoy playing Futsal with us!

Go drinking together after playing futsal?

How does it sound?? 🙂