Hello everyone!

I’m Toshi!

Today I will introduce you Sapporo local Apple pie store.

I heard There is a delicious Apple pie store in Sapporo.

I really love apple pie that’s why after I heard it right away I went there.




This store name is KAGURAJU(かぐらじゅ).



It opens from 11AM.


Let’s get into this store.




Smells good.

This is it!! This is what I was looking for.

▷They use Hokkaido Fuji apple which has a lot of fruit juice.

The best seller pie.( 346yen).


▷Front pies are pumpkin with red bean flavor which name is Ogura pumpkin pie.


The 2nd best seller pie (324Yen)


▷Behind pies are potato cream pie. (ぽてとくりーむぱい)(324Yen)

There is mixed custard cream with potato inside of this pie.

It’s a little bit sweet!







▷Front pies are seasonal limited pie

Gorojima Kintoki Tart Pie.(ごろうじまきんときぱい)(410yen)

Gorojima Kintoki is If I say simply that’s Sweet potato.

It is harvested from Ishikawa prefecture.



▷Behind pies are Red bean pie.(あずきぱい)

AZUKI Pie. (324Yen)

The pie’s bean were harvested in south part of Hokkaido.

You can enjoy a lot of boiled red beans.

It’s not pasted bean.Just real beans are inside .


Today I odered 2 pies.

One is ofcourse the best one Apple pie.

Another is 2nd best seller Ogura pumpkin pie.






The shop salesperson was so kind.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take her picture.

She told me that she did’nt have big confidence to speak English to foreigner.

But she would try to communicate when oversea customer visit here.



I bought this at 11PM. So it was just made by her.

So warm.








When you take out this I recommend you to use microwave.

I think Its enough to make warm just 40 seconds .


Everyday around more less 100 pieces are sold here.


When I bit this I felt a little bit harder than ordinary Apple pie.

Outside pie was so crispy.

Inside apple was soft and juicy.

I loved this because it was not too much sweet.

It ‘s very good for adult people.I want you to feel delicate taste.





The 2nd best seller Ogura pumpkin pie.

Size is as same as apple pie.

I couldn’t imagine at all what kind of taste it is.





It was a little moisture, seems to soft, and be smooth.

You can enjoy original pumpkin seweetness and rich read bean flavor.




▷Softcream :Rich Hokkaido milk vanila vlavor.

Hokkaido summer is so short.(almost around 2months??)

I want you to taste during short summer!!




▷Cheese stick pie & Pie florentins

I couldn’t taste these things.Next time I will share these things .





This shop is not located in downtown.

So I guess when you visit sapporo from foreign country.

It is not very good access.

But I want to tell you that I will post entire Sapporo&Hokkado infomation!

I beliave something good places ,restaurants and shops are not always in downtown .

When you have enough time,please visit here!!!





神楽樹 地図

Adress: Ohata building 8-1-1 Kita28-johigashi Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 065-0028

Access: It takes around 10 minutes on your foot from Toho line either Shindohigashi station or Motomachi station.

Opening hour.11:00~19:00



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