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I would like to introduce Japanese unique camper culture.

There are little and useful campers in Japan.


As you know, Japanese land area is not very large, therefore miniaturization culture is developed in there. For example, Bonsai, Hina Dolls, and Origami. All those traditional things are miniaturized.




In the same way, vehicles are also relatively smaller than North American and European cars. Actually, Japan has their own unique standard in terms of automobile inspection, automobile tax, and automobile insurance. Basically, those costs for possessing cars depend on cubic capacity. Having huge cars costs you much higher than mini motorcars.


The purpose of such regulations and standards is to prevent traffic jam and keep parking space suitable for finite urban space. Thanks to that, Japan’s roads become never more crowded except for over-population city. That strict rules for cars have contributed car manufactures to create affordable and high-tech mini motorcars.


Light car (Kei car)


It is called light automobile, mini motorcar, or light car in English.

We call it Kei, Kei car, or Kei Jido shya (けい、けいじどうしゃ) in Japanese.


In this article, I call the car as a light car.

Light car’s physical dimensions and engine capacities are strictly regulated within lager than 11.2 feet, wider than 4.9 feet, and taller than 6.6 feet. All are limited to 660cc engine capacity and 63 horse power.


There are several kind of types of light car, like vans, sports cars, trucks, or SUVs.

But interestingly, all those types of cars are same size if you see them from the sky. So every Japan’s car manufactures are in fierce competition to make useful and highly efficient light cars.



Source of photo: http://kcam-flyer.blog.so-net.ne.jp/


Nowadays, campers based light car has become popular among camping lovers in Japan.

If you possess motor home or mobile home, it will cost over $100,000 by and large. In the meantime, light camper would cost $15,000 to $35,000 that is less than one-third cheaper than huge motor home.


Tent Mushi(テントむし)



Tent Mushi triggered a boom in light camper.

It has pop-up roof which makes you stand up in its living space possible.

Living space’s extent is 1,830×1,000 mm, but it has dinette and little kitchen with a refrigerator. This dinette can be converted to a bed space.



The TV monitor can be equipped optionally.

This compact living space is good enough to spend relax time for two people.

Tent mushi’s price is 3,311,500 yen.


Kyuden Kun (給電くん)




Kyuden Kun is also my favorite light camper.

This is equipped a solar panel as not optional. This should be specially mentioned.

In this little space, there are all things you need for spending the night in a car.



Microwave oven, coffee maker, Potable gas stove and refrigerator.

Storages are equipped on the behind of bed and upper part of the space.



The prices of Kyuden Kun depend of grades, it will be 1,500,000 yen to 3,000,000 yen.


Custom Select



Custom Select is very flexible light camper.

As you can see, its interior is simpler than others.

It is equipped height adjustable beds, storages, and little sink.




Reason why this camper is so simple is that it allows user can set their tools to their liking. Mr. Nakajima who is CEO of the Custom Select said “We have taken our customers’ requests. As a result, this user-friendly style completed.




Custom Select provides large living space as well, and the price is 1,364,000 yen user-friendly.


Thank you for reading!


Author: Kuny


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