Hello everyone!

This is Toshi.

Today I introduce Japanese fast food.


-What's fast food?-

Fast food definition is a type of  mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly.

I think of course you already know it.

When you hear fast food what foods do you image?

Hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, sandwiches, pizza...

Those foods are western style right?

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Next let me introduce Japanese fast food.







Since Edo era(1603~1868)Japanese people eat such these foods as a fast food.


-Beef bowl Gyu-don-

Gyūdon (牛丼), literally beef bowl, is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of ricetopped
with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi (fishand seaweed stock),
soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine).

Due to the Movement Towards Westernization (文明開化 - Meiji Restoration in Japan) that Japan experienced in the Meiji Era,
western customs like eating beef were adopted and spread throughout Japan.

In 1899 Eikichi Matsuda opened the first Beef bowl (Gyu-don)restaurant.

So compare with Gyūdon (牛丼) and  Soba, tempura, sushi, Oden, eel, skewers,

Gyūdon history is newer than others.


-Gyu-don (Beef bowl)restaurants-

There are 3 popular  Gyu-don restaurants in Japan.


Yoshinoya is Long-established store. First Gyu-don restaurants in Japan.



Compare with other restaurants ,Matsuya has many set-menu.



The largest number of Gyu-don restaurants.


①Cheap(Reasonable price)

②Delicious(Good taste)

③Fast(serve very quickly)

Above 3 things are very important factores in the industry.

-I went to SUKIYA-

Sukiya (すき家) is a Japanese restaurant chain serving gyūdon,
other donburi, and curry. Sukiya has 1856 restaurants throughout all 47 Japanese prefectures as of 2012,
as well as 70 in China (about half of which in Shanghai) as of 2014; one in Taipei, Taiwan; eight in São Paulo, Brazil;
eight in Thailand and six in Malaysia. Sukiya's owner, Zenshō Co. Ltd. (ゼンショー株式会社)

Sukiya slogan is "save time and money".

"Sort by Wikipedia"



How about SUKIYA ,dose it satisfy the conditions?

①Cheap(Reasonable price)


Regular(middle size) is 350yen.

You will be full only 350 yen!

I think this price  satisfy the  first condition!


②2nd condicions:Delicious(Good taste)


It looks delicious right?  Beef with Bud of garlic. 490yen.P8062316

Look at this iphone and Gyu don. This is Regular(middle size).

You know how big regular size is.P8062318

Beef+spring onion+raw egg.



③3rd condition:Fast(serve very quickly)


They prepare foods inside kitchen ,once customer order just they put beef on rice.

Not only SUKIYA,Japanese fast food industry manual is very efficient.

They serve foods very quiculy.

So fast! within 30 seconds they can serve.



Alright SUKIYA satisfy  3 conditions.

When you don't have enough time I recommend you to go SUKIYA.


Various Gyu-don!

Not only beef,SUKIYA has eel bowl as well.

Japanese eel taste also deliciou! I want you to try^^

Set menu for chilren.Good for family.


How do you think Japanese fast food?

Unique and looks delicious right?

If you have interest ,just try to go there .

It's not difficult to find Japanese fast food restaurants.

You will get good experience!



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