Hello! This is Kuny.

An item I want to recommend is Jaga Pirika produced by Calbee Potato Farm.

In a word, it’s one and only potato snacks.


Domestically, it is as famous as Jaga pockle world famous souvenir of Hokkaido.

Jaga pockle and Jaga pirilka named after Ainu language spoken by first nation live in Hokkaido. It means, both products has taken root in reliability of Hokkaido Brand.


Shortly, let me explain the meaning of both product’s name.

“Jaga” stands for part of “Jaga imo” means Potato in Japanese.

Besides, “Pirika” means cute or beautiful in Ainu language.

In English, it will be translated as “Cute potato”.


So, Jaga pirika is no different than its name of cute potato.

The snacks have three colors potato, but amazingly have not used an artificial coloring.

Each colors are all natural food color!


Let me briefly introduce three potato used for Jaga pirika.

  • Yellow Potato: Toyoshiro (とよしろ)

Toyoshiro has been cultivated since 1960, it is adequate for processed food used oil. It’s first potato intend for making potato chips in Japan.

  • Red Potato: Northern Ruby (ノーザンルビー)

Northern Ruby was born in 2006. Both outside and inside of this potato is pink pretty color. It includes much anthocyanin like berry, good for eyes.

  • Purple: Kita Murasaki (きたむらさき)

Kita Murasaki has also abundant anthocyanin and starchy. Potato skin and inside are light purple color.


Their Nickname!


One more thing! Those kind of potato have each own nickname.

White one's name is “Pi-kun (ぴっくん), Pink one is “Ri-chan (りっちゃん)", and purple one is “Kah-kun (かーくん)”. They can’t be “pirika”, if only one of them will be lucked.


When you visit Hokkaido, please find it!


Currently, Jaga Pirika is difficult to get at souvenir store, since the supply can’t keep up with the demand.

Even if you find it, all store has quantity limit for the purchase, because three types of each potato’s amount of harvest should be balanced to produce the snacks. So I recommend you get this precious Hokkaido snacks!


And one more thing!

If you interested in Hokkaido Snacks, I would like to recommend an awesome subscription service!


Thank you!



Author: Kuny

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