Mysterious Fusion of natural and man-made beauty.

Here is not prehistoric site or coliseum, but a PARK.


In this article, I would like to introduce Ishiyama Ryokuchi Park that is my secret relaxing place in Sapporo city.

(いしやま りょくち こうえん:石山緑地公園)





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This marvelous place is located at south district in Sapporo.

Here is originally one of the producing places of soft stone.



In south district, soft stone had been excavated since 1874, and used for traditional buildings in Sapporo and Otaru.




Among famous structures which still exist, the buildings which is built by Sapporo Soft Stone are warehouses along Otaru Canal, Otaru Newspaper Publishing, Sapporo City Data Library, silos of Agricultural Faculty of Hokkaido University, and Kobayashi Brewery.




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To excavate soft stone is finished at present.

Then, this closed quarry is now reused for the unique park.





You can find several sculptures in this park.




Those are created by “CINQ” who are sculptor group based on Hokkaido, and they made this closed quarry more wonderful place.

Address: 78-24 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido



Ishiyama Ryokuchi Park (Ishiyama Green Space) Official Page


It's not really good access to transportation, but is worth visiting!
I recommend you plan to go there when you  visit Sapporo.


Thank you for reading!


Author: Kuny

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