This is Toshi!
How are you doing?

Today‘s temperature is around 25degree.
Daytime is okay..I feel very comfortable this 25 degree tmepuerute .

But early morning and after sunset are I feel a little bit cold.
I think Hokkaido people have to enjoy this short summer season.

So today I will introduce a huge enjoyable park .
The name is Sapporo Satoland.


-What’s Satoland??-

Satoland turns agriculture into leisure. Play with animals and get your hands dirty as you harvest vegetables!

Satoland, located in the eastern part of Sapporo, is a facility that allows visitors to experience architecture. Its giant 74.3 ha property is equivalent to 14 Sapporo Domes and features flower fields, a farm, a park with a lawn, and a barbecue area. It is a great place to experience nature and agriculture while having fun. From early summer to fall, when various flowers bloom one after another, visitors can take walks and ride the SL or carriage around the garden. There are also funny bikes that are popular with children. From mid June to early November, visitors can harvest Hokkaido vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and corn. In the winter, the entire facility turns into a snow-covered playground.

Resorce: http://www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/find/recreational/satoland/?lang=en


Sapporo Satoland is located in2-584 Okadama-cho,Higashi-ku,Sapporo




I mentioned Hokkaido ,Sapporo summer is very short right?

Do you know how Hokkaido people enjoy in summer season ?

The answer is eating BBQ outside!(with beer)


This outside BBQ place close at 18:00.

It’s better to come Satoland around lunch time.


P7242003 P7242008

It was sunny day best condition for BBQ outside!


wash thier hands and dishes...




Free clean water! ofcourse you can drink!

Water servise in Japan is so safety.


Even if you don't have BBQ set its okay . There is BBQ retaurant!


P7242031 P7242032


Family set(Good for 2 to 3 persons)

Sheep meat(Jingisu-kan)/Beaf galbi/Pork galbi/Sausage/Vegitable/ Rice.

Open 11:00AM~Close:17:00PM.



Unfortunately going to this park access is not so good.

・Subway Nanboku-line From Sapporo station to Kita 34 jyo station (7min)→Bus:Hokkaido chuo bus higashi  No.76 From Kita 34 jyo station

forNakanuma elementary school. pls get out at infront of  Okadama high shchool ( 20min)->  by your foot(10min)


・Subway Toho-line From Sapporo station to kanjyo-dori Higashi station (5min)→Bus:Hokkaido chuo bus higashi  No.61  From kanjyo-dori Higashi station forNakanuma elementary school. pls get out at infront of  Okadama high shchool ( 20min)->  by your foot(10min)


as you know accourding to above how to get to Satoland park its inconvient.

I reccomend you to rent-a car or ask your friends who has car.

or send me messege!

Lets go together if I have time^^


P7241948 P7241953 P7241985 P7241999 P7241949


Not only BBQ you can enjoy with beautiful nature and animals!

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