Do you  know a sport "FUTSAL"??

Futsal is one of the rising popularity sports in the world nowadays.

In Japan, it's same.

Futsal is very similar to soccer.

There are 11 players for a team in soccer and normally it is played outside. (11 vs 11)

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However for Futsal, there are just 5 players and it is played inside. (5 vs 5)

It could be similar to Basket Ball as well.

There is a Semi Professional FUTSAL League in Japan.(Just 1 team is Professional.)

It's called "F-League".

F-league has started since 2007. there are 12 teams.

In Hokkaido, there is a Futsal team playing for F-League.


Watching a game of ESPOLADA HOKKAIDO.

Since I love soccer and futsal, I went to watch a game of ESPOLADA HOKKAIDO last weekend.

This was the first time for meeeeee!!!!


There were a lot of fans at the gymnasium of Sapporo.

The ticket price was ¥2500. (about $24 as of July/2016)

When I entered to the audience seats area, I knew that the hall was filled with excitement even before the game!

If you visit the audience seats area a little bit late, it would be difficult to find a good seat. So I recommend you to go there bit earlier.

The game time is 20 minutes half.(20 minutes + 20 minutes)

This game was against SHONAN BELLMARE and score was 4-4.

ESPOLADA HOKKAIDO  missed a win.

After watching the game.

As I told you before, this was the first time to watch the game of ESPOLADA HOKKAIDO.

But now I know that it is worth watching it if you are a fan of soccer or futsal.

You will enjoy the speedy and exciting game in Hokkaido.

The match venue changes almost every time in Hokkaido.

Sometime it's in Sapporo, and sometime in Hakodate or Asahikawa.

When you want to watch the game, please contact me through this website.

There is totally no English information.

I will check the game schedule and guide you!


Thank you for reading.



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