Hello everyone!

This is Toshi. Thesedays I feel autumn wind.

I'm so sad my lovely summer has gone.

Today I would like you to share Sapporo autumn festival brief information!

I can't feel strong sunshine anymore but hehehe I can enjoy even autumn season in Sapporo!


Sapporo Autumn Fest History

Sapporo Autumn Fest started in 2008.

It open from late September to early October every year.

There are Various  Hokkaido products and  local foods.





Sapporo down-town Odori park has 11 brocks.

Each brocks has different kind of events.


Odori 1-Chome Site


The biggest beer festival is held in Munich , Germany which is sister city of Sapporo.

Odori 1-Chome Site reproduce "The October Festival".

It open from 10AM-20:30PM


Odori 4-Chome Site



4chome site is the entrance of Sapporo autumn festival.

Many Hokkaido companies provide Hokkaido special foods.

These things must be attractive and there are information center .

Information center give you recommended restaurant and Sapporo city information.

Odori 5-Chome Site


Odori 5-Chome Site Hokkaido Ramen festival!

As you know Hokkaido Ramen is welll-known in Japan.

Beer and vintage wine, sake, shochu, also drinks such as cocktails are enhancement!

Odori 6 -Chome Site



Enjoy Soup curry and Sapporo sweets in Odori 6 chome site.

6 chome site theme is "Sapporo area foods".

You can taste various foods such as Japanese foods,Western foods and ethnic foods.


Odori 7  -Chome Site


7  -Chome Site has 2 main bar .

They serve Wine, whiskey, sake, cocktails and beer.

15 stores sell suitable appetizers(Grilled chicken,oyster,pizza! )with drinks .

Odori 8  -Chome Site


More than 100 of the province cities specialty foods came to 8-chome!

You can enjoy the autumn taste!

Odori 10 -Chome Site


This year Odori 10 -Chome Site theme is"MEAT".

Enjoy with juicy pork ,beef,sheep and chicken!

Odori 11 -Chome Site


Odori 11 -Chome Site is World  Food Park.

We can enjoy the genuine taste of

Indian ,Korean,Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico,Spain,Iran,Russia,Italian and USA foods.




Sapporo autumn festival has just started yesterday2016-Sep- 9th.

Actually I didn't go yet.

Personally I would like to go Odori 11 -Chome Site is World  Food Park before it end .(Closing date is 2016-Oct- 1st).

Opening hour is 10:00~20:30.

I love Sapporo. I love Hokkaido.But It is very great opportunity to taste other country foods!

If you would like to go there with me,just leave a message please^^


Above pictures quoted by official webpage:



Unfortunately I couldn't find any English information about this.

That is why I wrote this contents very very briefly.

If you have any question ,I ll search by Japanese language.

Thank you have a nice weekend!




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