Hi there! This is Kuny.

One day my friend from Malaysia said that there were only few money exchange in Japan.

“That’s inconvenience!” he said so.

Therefore, I would like to introduce recommended place to exchange currency.


Where can we exchange currency in Japan?


There are four places you can exchange for cash in Japan except for online.


Money exchange
Japan Post
Ticket broker


In those choices, which place is the best for exchange?


Firstly, Money exchange and bank’s commission rate is high.

Most of banks charge around 3 yen for 1 US dollar.


I mean, if 1 US dollar equivalent to 105 yen as of now, yen-dollar exchange rate will practically be 1 US dollar / 102yen.

If you exchange 1,000 US dollar for yen there, cash you would receive should be 102,000 yen.



DAIKOKUYA located around Odori Park and Clock Tower


DAIKOKUYA is located at central Sapporo, where is close to Odori park and Clock Tower.

Their business is not only money exchange, but also pawnshop, ticket broker, and international remittance.

So, they are ticket broker.

Address:  1F Sapporo Chuou BLD, 3-3 Nishi, Kita 1 jo, Chuou-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


Their commission rate is 0.5 – 0.8 yen lower than the money exchanges or banks.

Which means, if you exchange 1,000 US dollar at DAIKOKUYA, you will receive 104,200 to 104,500 yen. There is about 2500 yen difference, and it’s enough money to have a decent sushi lunch here.


Currencies which DAIKOKUYA deal are not as many as banks.

You can exchange those currencies below only.




DAIKOKUYA Sapporo blanch opens every days.


Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00

Sunday and national holiday: 12:00 – 19:00


Thank you for reading!


Author: Kuny

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