Hello everyone!

Today I will introduce you about Conveyor-belt sushi.


- What's Conveyor-belt sushi??-

For Japanese we call Conveyor-belt sushi to Kaiten-Sushi.

Kaiten-Sushi is a type of Sushi restaurant that serves dishes on a revolving counter.


As the food revolves around, you pick the dishes you want.

Kaiten-Sushi has a variety of dishes, such as curry, ramen, dessert, and etc.



-I went to WARAKU-


In the night time. Pretty dark.Sorry!



This Conveyor-belt sushi WARAKU is very near from my home.


inside of the restaurant.


Their recommendation menu.



JPN:縁側(えんがわ)engawa   ENG:fish porch

I enjoyed this one because it  put on fat !IMG_0236

JPN:鮭(さけ)sake ENG:salmon  (266Yen)

Beautiful & Delicious Salmon!


JPN:帆立貝(ほたてがい)hotategai ENG:scallop with

JPN:飛魚子(とびっこ)tobbiko ENG:fryingfish roe(151yen)

2 kinds of foodstuffs combination is great!


JPN:つぶ貝(つぶがい)tubugai   ENG:crushing shellfish( 194yen)

It was good texture.



JPN:秋刀魚(さんま)sanma  ENG:saury( 266yen)

Saury goes well with ginger.



JPN:赤身akami lean ENG:tuna( 194yen)

I enjoyed tuna original flavor.

This is very popular sushi among Japanese people.





JPN:〆鯖(しめさば)shime-saba ENG:mackerel (marinated)( 194yen)

A litte sour taste!

I ordered 2 dishes.That's why there are 4 sushi on one dish.




JPN:中とろchutoroENG: medium fatty tuna / marbled tuna belly(391yen)

Medium fatty tuna. It melt very quickly in your mouth^^


JPN:(真)鯵((ま)あじ)aji  ENG:horse mackerel / see aji(194yen)

This fresh aji did't have  fishy smell.




JPN:銀がれい味噌炙り gingarei miso-aburi ENG:Silver flatfish  Miso Broiled(194yen)

Only Silver flatfish taste also good. But with miso made richer taste.



JPN:いくらikura ENG:salmon roe(266yen)

Chilren love popping texture.


-How to order sushi-

Basically you can get sushi from Conveyor-belt.

However sometimes it's difficult to get what you want to eat.

That time please write down what you wanna eat with below paper.

This is order paper.


Sushi chef make sushi for you immediately.




There is wasabi between fish and rice.

I have  seen for many many times foreigner eating sushi with  put on too much wasabi.

They said"Yeah I love spicy taste.I love Wasabi"


I ll let you know that wasabi is just condiment.

Japanese enjoy wasabi flavor in nose.

If you put too much wasabi ,you can't feel original fish taste and flavor.

That's the reason sushi chef put litte wasabi .



IMG_0252 IMG_0254


Did you notice above 2 sushi shape is like fan?
Note!:Good Chef  make fan=shape sushi.

-Delivery Service-

You can take out sushi set .But I think some of you it's difficult to visit WARAKU if you don't know sapporo well.
When the time please call Delivery Service number.


(official their homepage)

I don't know where will you stay when you come to sapporo.

If you stay in downtown I think this number is good.

(011 )-518-1717 or(011 )-614-1717



How was this article ?

This WARAKU grouo has sevaral branches.

When you want to eat sushi please try to go.

Sapporo is the best sushi quality city in the world.

Trust me, and give it a try.

I attached WARAKU homepage written by English.



see you again!

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