Hello, this is Kuny. I will introduce each tastes of Hokkaido Ezo Brown Bear Ramen (Hokkaido bear infested attention ramen; Hokkaido bear infested note ramen), which has been getting popular among tourists both domestic and international.


This product name is little tricky!

The package says “Ezo Brown Bear Ramen” in English, but it is written “bear infested attention” in Japanese (熊出没注意).


Anyways, let me tell people who don’t know this ramen what this is.

Those Bear Ramen have produced by Fujiwara Noodle Factory (藤原製麺) of Hokkaido since 1982.


The northern island is famous as Ramen kingdom, and the bear ramen is also not same as ordinary instant ramen.

Flour as noodle of material is made in Hokkaido, and those noodles are dried naturally at low temperature for two days.

Therefore the noodle is more chewy than others, and healthy as well.


You don’t need to replace hot water when you make a soup, you can just put soup paste into hot water after boiling the noodle.

It is because the noodle is not fried-noodle, so boiled water will not get cloudy by extra oil.


Now then, the tastes I tried this time were Miso, Soy sauce, and Butter Soy sauce as new product!




What?! This package is different from two others!


The product name is ”little bear infested attention ramen"(小熊出没注意バター醤油ラーメン).



Should I pay attention to such a little cute bear?



to get closer little bear will be extreme danger.

A mother bear who nervous for bringing up her child is always hanging around, and if someone approach a little bear, there is no safety of the life guaranteed.


The package of ramen said so.

I see..


Well, prepared toppings first.


Chopped Japanese leek like this, and put them on small plates.

I cut it in round slices, and shapes I don’t know how to call it.

I felt like being a ramen chef!



I bought ready-to-eat roasted pork and simmered eggs at a super market

This sort of roasted pork is commonly eaten in China, but it is necessary ingredient when it comes to ramen in Japan.

Simmered egg. This is egg seasoned with soup after boiled, is also typical topping.



And then, I prepared Menma.

Menma is lactic fermentation bamboo shoot after boiled.

chewy and crunchy, so yummy!



Okay, I'm going to open the package.


.....How much dangerous one will come up?







………Oh, what a simple noodle and soup paste.



Every flavor doesn’t have separate packages of soup and seasoning oil, but each soup includes jelly oil.



Took 600 cc (20.29 oz) of water.



Each noodles apparently look same.

I put each one into other each pans, then boiled for 4 and half minutes.

After 3 minutes passed, disentangled the noodle with chop sticks.



Beforehand, I took the soup paste out of package.

It is OK that put the soup into boiled water, but I personally prefer to do so.






Pour hot water before noodles.



Stir up and mix like this, so I get the feeling that the paste dissolves in hot water smoothly.




Noodles are all delicious!



Soy sauce


Umm tastes little sweet, not too much salty.

The soup tasted natural sweetness as if vegetable like onion would be melted in.





It doesn’t have any off-taste.

Yes. It is not fried-noodle, no extra oil make the soup cloudy.

And there is little red pepper for accent.

Mmm Oishiiiii!



Lastly, butter soy sauce


Butter’s good aroma, mild soy sauce flavor.



It is said that many people who love adding butter to ramen in Hokkaido.

I am definitely one of them!


It pretty hard to select the best one, since all delicious.

Um I vote for butter soy sauce which has mellow butter aroma!



・ What is common in all the ramen is that Brown Bear Ramen is regal orthodox ramen. I mean the tastes don’t have unconventionality or novelty, those tastes were like a long-establish traditional ramen shop.

・ The noodle, not like a instant but like a raw noodle, and also not too much salty soup bring out the tastes of toppings.

・ I recommend for salty tooth should use 500 to 550cc of water. And if you like it al dente, boiling noodle for 4 minutes is also recommended.


Thank you for reading!


Author: Kuny


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