Does the city of Sapporo feel too noisy sometimes?
All that traffic on the roads… all those people walking the streets… advertising blaring through the speakers…and of course, music that plays repeatedly from various shops. Well, if that’s the case, then I think you deserve a quiet coffee to relax and recharge. If you’re already in the city center, there’s a nice little spot not too far away. In fact, it’s right opposite the fish market. Here’s an image of the location courtesy of the cafes business card.

When looking across the road from the fish market, there are a line of small and stacked jaunts which may look a little intimidating upon first sight, but don’t hesitate, with a casual walk along the street, you can quickly find many attractive invitations to eat and drink in quiet company.
Kotobuki coffee is one such place that is as cozy as it is small. But not too small l I hasten to add, just small enough to relax with a nice coffee. When entering, you can see a stretch of wooden counter with intimate and highly effective lamps for reading, writing or simply admiring the food and drink placed in front of you.
The seating puts you close to the solo owner who is usually busy with orders that come from inside, outside and over the phone. Yes, there is even an outside portal which allows you a take away form of access that makes it very convenient for the busy worker looking for his/her quick fix.
In front of you at the bar counter lines a small but fine selection of various liqueurs used to make some of the alcoholic beverages on the menu.
Incidentally, the irish coffee on offer runs a little steep at 850 yen, but after watching the owner work diligently and with attention to detail, I imagine it may be well worth its price.
If you were to continue walking straight along and beyond the counter bar, there are two tables situated next to each other suitable for a maximum of 2 groups of 4 people. Both tables are nicely tucked away in a corner with one wall made of rustic stone, giving it an impression of a cozy hiding cave with ambient lighting.
There is music played from the bar which sets the mood nicely at a quiet level. The usual soft jazz variety being selected for your comfort.
The menu is not overly extensive, with Kotobuki's own natural and bitter blends available, which keep things simple. There are, however, the pick up coffees of the day to mix things up a bit. On the day of my visit, there were two varieties that included a Mandarin and Costa Rican option. I went for the Costa Rica option which cost 650 yen. The Kotobuki coffee comes in at 550 yen which is a fairly standard price.
My coffee from Costa Rica had a lovely chocolatey smooth aroma and was a mild taste, very nice.
There are also cake sets available which adds only an extra 250 yen to your coffee price. But if just a small biscuit is all you want, they have that covered too!
The one drawback for me, being a nonsmoker, is that smoking is tolerated in this establishment. Kotobuki being a small space means that you can’t escape it if you wanted to. So be mindful of this in case you wish to avoid it.
Overall, with its petit look, low ceiling and ambient lighting, together with it's owners attention to each coffee pour and quiet coziness, Kotobuki coffee is a nice pit stop for a chance to clear the mind before entering the bustle of the city, the center of which lies conveniently close by.