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How do you save a travel cost when you visit Japan?


In 2016, the exchange rate of the Yen is getting strong, so I’m writing how to save travel budget in Sapporo. This time, let me introduce an affordable and good taste restaurant only-local people know.




The restaurant is Bensai-tei.(べんさいてい:弁菜亭)


Address: 2-1-35 Kita 8 Jo Higashi, Higashi Ku, Sapporo (札幌市東区北8条東2-1-35)How to get there: 614m Walking from Kita 13 Jo Higashi Stn.



Bensai-tei has provided not only dishes in a restaurants, but also Ekiben (えきべん:駅弁;  box lunch sold on a train or at a station) since 1899. The long-established restaurant has been loved by local people, and has given filling meal with good price to the citizens.



This picture shows a kitchen and menu. What I want you to see is the price presented on the white tags. It means, all menus are around 500 yen or less.



This is Soba noodle (そば:蕎麦), buckwheat noodles with mixed vegetable tempura.

It costed me only 440 yen with adequate taste. Speaking of Soba, I will recommend handmade soba restaurant on another article since I’m little picky about it.



This is a ginger-fried pork lunch (しょうがやき:生姜焼き: Shouga-yaki).

The great amount of meal costed only 500 yen.

Heaped pork and vegetable were good enough to charge my battery.


Avoid 12:00 – 13:00 time zone


In addition, I recommend you avoid visiting there around 12:00 – 13:00 time zone,

It is because there will be crowded by business person mainly TAXI drivers taking lunch. Actually, there are no taxi drivers who don’t know Bensai-tei in Sapporo. Like this, the restaurant attracts many working people.



When you visit Sapporo, just stop in the place.

You can enjoy both tasting local foods and saving a budget!

If you have any question or request, please feel free to contact Hokkaido Info Lounge!


Author: Kuny

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