Soccer in JAPAN??

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world.
It's same for Japanese as well.
Japan National Team doesn't play good nowadays, however some Japanese soccer players play for famous soccer teams of Europe.
For example, KAGAWA plays for Borussia Dortmund.
HONDA plays for AC Milan. And NAGATOMO plays for INTER Milano.
In Japan, there is a pro soccer league "J-LEAGUE".
(You can check the official website from here! "J-LEAGUE OFFICIAL WEBSITE")
This league is divided into 3 divisions(J1, J2, J3) and almost all prefectures of Japan have their own teams.


Hokkaido has only 1 pro soccer team.

Of course! There is a pro soccer team in Hokkaido!!


Consadole is only pro soccer team of Hokkaido, plays in J-LEAGUE Division 2.
The former club was TOSHIBA Soccer club and since 1996, they moved to Sapporo then established Consadole Sapporo.
Team colors are Red, Black, and Navy.
Traditionally their HOME Uniform is Red and Black's Stripe. It looks like AC Milan, right? lol
It's because the then manager loved AC Milan!
Unfortunately Consadole can not play like AC Milan though...
Some time they are promoted to Division 1, but mainly they play for Division 2.

The main stadium "SAPPORO DOME" is located in Sapporo.
Up to 39,232 people can watch the game!
To go to SAPPORO DOME from Sapporo Station, you should just take a Subway(TOHO-Line)to "FUKUZUMI Station".
*I will write about this in other article!

Even it's located in cold Hokkaido, team supporters are the most exciting!
For all match days, they always come to stadium few hours before to prepare for cheering. Then, stay at the stadium after the games longer than any other people to clean it up and not to make a mess!
No matter where it is, they are together with Consadole.


Are there any famous player??

Consadore 3
Yes! Some good players have played for Consadole so far.

For the most famous example,HULK used to play for Consadole Sapporo!
Do you know him?
HULK is Brazilian soccer player playing for Brazil National Team and ZENIT Sankt- Peterburg.
He played in 2014FIFA WORLD CUP.
That is to say he is one of the star players of the world soccer for now!
When he was in Sapporo, he was just 21 years old. So he couldn't control himself .
Many times HULK got red card!lol
However his talented skill and power were fantastic like now.
He got 25 goals in a season, then transferred to FC PORTO. (Portugal)

He is one of the most famous players of Consadole.
But still there are some famous players not only from Japan or Brazil but also from Asian Countries.
This theme will be a bit longer, so I'd like to write about more details about the players next time!→Who plays for HOKKAIDO CONSADOLE SAPPORO?

This time I talked about the only pro soccer team HOKKAIDO CONSADOLE SAPPORO and its mini information.
And I will write about more details such as "How to watch CONSADOLE's game.".
So if you are interested in it, please check them out!!

You have a wonderful day!


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